UK Home with Double Glazed Windows

The quality of the windows we have in our homes can have a profound effect on our level of comfort. Keeping draughts and cold air our of our homes can ensure that we make the most of the money we pump into running our central heating. However, replacing windows can rack up to quite an eye-watering amount. Therefore, helpful schemes, such as one offered by companies like Help to buy Windows, can help those on limited incomes to live a much more comfortable and safe lifestyle in their home.

What is Help To Buy Windows?

Those who qualify for the H2B windows grant scheme will benefit from having brand new double-glazed windows fitted in their home. This scheme aids those who are on a limited income to keep their home warm and make the most of the money they spend on central heating. This form of grant can only be given out of those who apply to meet the criteria, to ensure that they have been awarded this help fairly. This scheme is not funded by the government and is instead solely invested in by the company, meaning that such a scheme is generously created with customers in mind. 

Why help homeowners?

There is a lot of help available for people on low incomes who don’t own their own homes, but for people who do own their homes, it can be much harder for them to have the funds required to purchase new windows & doors. 

The benefits of double-glazed windows

H2B windows are not a particular brand of window, but they are always double-glazed. This type of window is necessary for modern-day Britain for several reasons:

•  Kerb appeal

 The value of your home may depend on the kind of windows you have fitted. If potential home-buyers discover that your house is equipped with single-glazed windows, they will see this as a new renovation they have to carry out, and it could prevent them from buying.

•  Less noise

External noise can be incredibly distracting and disruptive, mainly if you live in a built-up area. 

•  Reduced carbon footprint

By reducing the need to keep running the heating, you will inevitably limit your carbon footprint.

•  More comfortable lifestyle

those who have double glazed windows will benefit from having fewer draughts and a reduced amount of hot air escaping from their homes. This will make getting ready for work less frosty and days in front of the telly feel less chilly. 

•  Reduced condensation

in older double-glazed windows, there is a tendency for condensation to build up inside. This can inevitably lead to problems with mould and not to mention issues with general visibility. 

The Help To Buy windows scheme could be invaluable for somebody who desperately needs their windows replaced, but does not have the funds to cover it. With no costs, you can crack on with improving the kerb appeal of your home, and enjoy a much cosier winter. To find out if you qualify, you will need to apply for the Help 2 Buy Windows grant. There is no obligation when you apply for this, so if you get the thumbs-up, it is entirely down to you whether you go ahead and get new windows & doors installed altogether free of charge.